How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can help you to look and feel your best, by giving you a brighter, whiter smile quickly. It is an incredibly common and affordable dental treatment that provides quick, effective results when you use professional-grade whitening products or treatment. Although teeth whitening is not permanent, you can touch up your teeth as needed, with at-home products. Read on to learn about the different types of teeth whitening products and services available.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Huntersville

The experienced dental team at The Smile Architects offers in-office Zoom! teeth whitening. This treatment typically takes less than an hour, from start to finish. Many patients opt for this treatment immediately after, or in the days that follow a professional cleaning.

Your gums and lips will be covered before the Zoom! gel is applied to your teeth.  A specialized light is then used to activate the gel, breaking up the stains on your teeth. The process can be repeated up to three sessions. After each session with the light, our dental staff will check your progress and adjust the lamp or gel if necessary.  After the third treatment, your teeth will be coated in a special paste, and you’ll leave the office with a brighter, whiter smile.

KöR Teeth Whitening

For people with sensitive teeth, the KöR take-home whitening system may be recommended. This is the first whitening system to use refrigerated gels. If you choose this system, you’ll have both an in-office treatment, and continue treatment at home with a gel. Although the KöR teeth whitening system can take longer to whiten your teeth, studies have shown that the results last longer. This teeth whitening technique is particularly effective for patients who have discoloration due to tetracycline stains.   

Professional-Grade Take Home Teeth Whitening

Professional-grade teeth whitening gel and trays are a third option for teeth whitening. These are more effective than whiteners available in stores and are very easy to use. Simply put the trays in for fifteen minutes twice a day as instructed by your dentist. You should see results within 10 days.

It’s important to note that you may experience some tooth sensitivity while you’re in the process of whitening your teeth. This is not a cause for concern, as all ADA-approved whitening products are safe for use. However, using toothpaste designed for sensitivity following treatment can help.  In the meantime, avoid extremely cold, acidic, or hot foods and beverages until the sensitivity is gone. The sensitivity should resolve within just a few days. 

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

Your teeth can still stain after you’ve had them whitened, so it is best to follow a few tips for ensuring the results of whitening last.

  • Avoid coffee, tea, red wine
  • Do not smoke or vape
  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Use a touch-up kit when necessary
  • Have a dental cleaning and exam twice a year

Cosmetic Dentistry in Huntersville

At The Smile Architects in Huntersville, we provide a full suite of cosmetic dentistry services. In addition to teeth whitening, our experienced team also provides Invisalign, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, microabrasion, gum contouring, and in addition to providing all general dentistry services. Our full-service dental practice has served the Huntersville community since 1982.  Our knowledgeable, compassionate team also provides restorative dentistry including dental implants, crowns, fillings, inlays and onlays, bridges, and dentures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment:  704-875-1621