How Much Do Same Day Crowns Cost in Huntersville, NC?

How Much Do Same Day Crowns Cost in Huntersville, NC?

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Many patients are familiar with the traditional process of getting a dental crown. The multiple visits required were lengthy and expensive, from the messy impression tray to the hassle of a temporary crown.

Today, Smile Architects offers same day CEREC crowns. In Huntersville, NC, a same day CEREC crown costs approximately $1,500.This price is about the same or slightly less than a traditional crown from a dental lab.

Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can restore damaged teeth, improving their appearance and functionality.e

A dental crown becomes necessary when a tooth is:

  • Cracked or broken
  • Decayed enough that a filling will not sufficiently repair it
  • Receives a root canal

Advantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns

Save Natural Teeth From Extraction

Crowns can preserve your natural teeth, giving you a viable alternative to extraction. If enough healthy tooth surface remains to support a crown, you can take the less invasive and expensive option to restore your tooth.

Less Expensive Than Bridges and Implants

The cost of extracting a tooth and getting a replacement like a bridge, implant, or partial denture is much higher than the cost of a crown. Crowns preserve your chewing ability and restore the appearance of your teeth without placing a financial burden.

No Temporary Crown

In most cases, patients will not need a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are fragile and frequently fall out, leading to multiple dental visits before traditional crowns return from the lab.

Most Crowns Require Only One Visit

With CEREC technology, most crowns take only one visit to design, prepare and install. Implants and bridges take significantly more time.

Equally Durable Compared to Traditional Crowns

CEREC crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns and, in some cases, are superior.

The CEREC Crown Process

The process of receiving a same day crown is streamlined. The dentist creates a digital impression of your tooth using a 3-D intraoral scanner. This small, handheld camera produces a high-quality image inside your mouth, giving better results than an impression tray without the hassle.

After taking the initial images, the dentist prepares the tooth for the crown. The dentist takes another set of images after the tooth is ready. They then transmit the images to the CEREC machine, which mills the crown from a composite ceramic material. The milling process takes only a short time, and the completed crown is ready to install.

Since the dentist can precisely engineer CEREC same day crowns, they fit better than traditional crowns from the lab. They are durable, attractive, and fully functional.

Call The Smile Architects

If you need a crown, you may be interested in taking advantage of this new technology. Call our Huntersville, NC, office at 704-875-1621 to inquire about the benefits of CEREC same day crowns and how we can help you restore your smile.