Can Your Teeth Fall Out After Getting A Deep Cleaning?

Team General Dentistry

Deep cleaning is a teeth and gum cleaning process done to improve your oral health. Teeth and gums subject to heavy plaque or tartar buildup, or those experiencing gum disease can greatly benefit from having a deep cleaning performed by your dentist.

If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis or early periodontitis, getting a deep cleaning and then practicing oral hygiene techniques recommended by your dentist can improve your gums and help you maintain a healthy smile.

Deep Cleaning Helps Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is common, with almost half of all adults over 30 in the U.S. experiencing some form of it, according to the CDC.

With a mild case, when bacteria builds up around your gum line, you may experience inflammation and some bleeding. Left untreated, gingivitis inflammation can develop into a more severe type of gum disease, periodontitis, with bacteria turning to plaque, and untreated plaque hardening into tartar.

If you don’t eliminate tartar and plaque, gum tissue can recede, and your teeth may loosen and fall out. Deep cleaning can help to prevent these outcomes.

Preventing Severe Gum Disease

Along with regular twice-a-day brushing and flossing, and scheduling regular visits with your dental team for a checkup and cleaning, deep cleaning can address the buildup of plaque, inflammation, and deepening gum tissue pockets. 

Deep Cleaning Treats Gum Disease

Early gum disease can be reversed with a deep cleaning. During a cleaning your dentist removes plaque from your teeth and also from the pockets that have developed inside your gums. To do so, your dentist may use both manual tools and use ultrasonic vibrating tools.  After the cleaning is completed, you may be given antibiotics to get rid of any oral infection found present. 

Your gums may be sensitive for a few days to a week, but if you are worried that your teeth may fall out after the procedure, that is not the case.

Still Concerned that Your Teeth Could Fall Out After Deep Cleaning?

The concern may come from the fact that some plaque and tartar buildup fill the pockets in your gums so completely that your teeth feel almost “cemented” in place. Once that buildup is removed, in comparison, your teeth feel loose. But that doesn’t make them likely to fall out!

In spite of that increased feeling of looseness, removing the plaque and tartar buildup helps your gums and roots to reattach to your teeth, creating better oral health for you!

In short, not only will your teeth not fall out following a deep cleaning, but they will be healthier, stronger, and your smile will look better, too.

Ready to Learn More about Deep Cleaning?

If you’re experiencing any inflammation, bleeding, or other signs of gum disease, or if you’ve been diagnosed with plaque and tatar buildup, don’t wait. Gum disease gets increasingly severe if left untreated. Reach out to us today at Smile Architects to schedule an appointment. We’re always ready to help you keep smiling.