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Root Canals

If you have a tooth that is painful, sensitive, or discolored, you may have an infection in that tooth. This can happen if a tooth cracks or breaks, or a cavity grows deep, and bacteria infects the soft tissue inside the tooth.  If this happens, a root canal may be necessary.

The Smile Architects is able to offer the root canal procedure right here in our clinic. Our root canal specialist will examine the infected tooth, surrounding gum, jaw and mouth to determine what treatment is needed. The treatment will be clearly explained and any questions answered.

If a root canal is required, a local anesthetic will be used; the infected area inside of the tooth chamber will be removed; the area cleaned and medicated. Then it will be sealed, restoring your natural tooth or with a permanent crown that it looks and feels completely like your own. 

All of this can be done conveniently in our office without having to make a separate appointment with a different specialist.

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