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Pediatric Dentistry Huntersville, nc
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The Smile Architects recommend Crest and Colgate dental products to keep your smile clean and healthy.

We are proud to recommend and provide Oral B dental care products and Butler specialty toothbrushes to our patients. 

We also depend on Dentsply to provide the most innovative composite materials. 

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"Such a great place to have dental work done! Also a great place to take kids! Dr. Jim and his staff are the reason my child is not scared to go to the dentist!!!

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Prevention and Treatment 
Our primary goal at the Smile Architects is to prevent dental problems from happening and create the perfect smile for your child. We do this with the following pediatric services:

Routine Cleaning 
We recommend dental cleanings every six months to remove stains, plaque and tartar to prevent build-up that causes tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. 

During routine appointments, we examine the overall development of your child’s teeth, mouth and jaw. We review and evaluate tooth spacing and bite, gums, and soft tissue in the mouth. We diagnose any problems, or future issues and create a plan.

Review Habits and Teach Good Ones
Our dentists will help your child learn good brushing and flossing habits. In addition, we will review and discuss other oral habits that can affect your child’s dental and overall general health, such as pacifier usage, thumb sucking or teeth grinding.

Cavity Detection and Prevention 
Tooth decay is the most common, and the most preventable issue in pediatric dentistry. The Smile Architects uses DIAGNOdent laser system to detect decay. The DIAGNOdent tool quickly and painless glides over the teeth using lasers to accurately detect any tooth. Decay cannot hide anywhere in the tooth structure with this technology. 

Fluoride and Sealants - Before tooth decay and cavities occur, the Smile Architects provides fluoride treatments and sealants for their prevention. We can apply topical fluoride to the teeth making them stronger and more resistant. And, we can apply sealants to the chewing surface of the teeth more susceptible to decay, which are generally the back teeth due to the depressions and grooves which make keeping them clean difficult. Applying a sealant is quick and easy. When applied at an early age, a sealant can protect your child throughout the years that they are most prone to cavities.

Digital X-Rays 
We, at the Smile Architects, have been using digital x-rays since 1998 and are among the 30% of dental offices that currently use this advanced technology. Digital x-rays decrease your child’s exposure to radiation while providing superior image clarity. In addition, they eliminate the use of chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Digital x-rays are easily transferred to other physicians should you need other consults.

Even with the best of efforts, cavities sometimes happen, as do chipped or broken teeth. The Smile Architects provide fillings, and dental inlays and onlays (tooth colored fillings). Tooth colored fillings are used to repair tooth decay or fractured teeth when cosmetic appearance is important.

At Smile Architects, tooth extractions are done only as a last resort. If this is necessary, we will be sure to protect the gum and the space for future resolution. 

Mouth Guards
Mouth guards reduce risk to your athlete’s teeth and mouth. Be sure to get the right mouth guard that fits properly and is able to do its job.  

We also offer first time infant exams and provide special needs children with a safe comfortable experience. 

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Pediatric Dentist Huntersville NC

Pediatric Dentistry

Beginning good pediatric dental care early in a child’s life, is instrumental in helping form a strong foundation for good health habits for a lifetime. Children with healthy mouths and smiles have a better chance for overall health, resulting in fewer illnesses, fewer absences from school and a better ability to eat healthy foods comfortably.  As early as the eruption of a baby’s first tooth, the lifelong commitment to positively impacting your child’s oral health begins. Working in partnership with you and your entire family, the Smile Architects can help you begin your child’s journey to excellent oral health and work towards a lifetime partnership, knowing and treating your child’s individual health needs.