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FAmily Dentists

​The Smile Architects family dentists provide the whole family with the latest technology in dental care in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Our dentists have years of experience and utilize the best tools and techniques with skill and artistry to provide our patients with healthy, beautiful smiles. We sincerely care about each patient and their dental health, from age 2 to 102. 

Not only are the dentists at the Smile Architects experienced, they utilize the latest devices and are trained in the latest techniques. For example, we are one of the few clinics to use the Cerec® one-visit crown technology; we have developed a patented method for the use of Serona; we were one of the first dental practices to implement digital x-rays and the innovative Diagnodent system for laser detection of decay.

The goal of the Smile Architects for your family is to achieve the best possible results and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Below are some of the dental services we provide families at our practice.

General Dentistry
General dentistry ensures oral hygiene and general maintenance of your teeth is being maintained and your gums stay healthy. This may involve the removal of plaque buildup and the filling of cavities during routine checkups to reduce the possiblility of tooth decay. 

Pediatric Dentistry
Children need to start early with regular dental check ups so they are educated on the proper care of their teeth. We provide preventative care and education promoting a strong foundation for good health habits for your child. Our examinations and restorative procedures are performed in a gentle, safe, non-threatening environment.

Gum Disease | Periodontics
Plaque builds up on the teeth can eventually spreads below the gum line, this typically happens when proper dental hygiene is not mantained. Getting back in the routine of regular dental visits,  good at-home oral care and stopping bad oral habits, like smoking, can help prevent the spread of the infection.

Root Canals
Inflammation or infection in the tooth that requires a root canal involves removing the infected pulp inside the tooth. After removal, the inside of the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material and restored with a crown or filling.

At The Smile Architects, we use KaVo Dental Instruments. Kavo is known for producing premium dental equipment for more than 100 years. 

To protect our patients' oral health, we use 
3M Dental fluoride and sealants. 

Ultradent provides The Smile Architects with products used for the preparation of restorative treatments. Learn more about 
Ultradent and the advantages of their products.

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