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Dental Implants

​Dental Implants are created using a series of steps, or procedures, to recreate and replace a missing tooth. The overarching goal is to achieve both the best aesthetic as well as functional results.

Getting to the root of the matter
In the case of a lost permanent tooth, it’s not only what you can see but what you can’t see that makes dental implants an important consideration for your long-term oral health.  When a permanent tooth – any tooth – is lost, underlying bone loss will eventually occur in that region due to lack of stimulation and stabilization of the underlying bone by the root of the tooth.  The bone loss that can occur affects not only the site of the absent tooth, but gradually impacts the bone health of the teeth surrounding it.  Dental implants, made of titanium, biochemically anchor directly to the jaw bone, beneath your gums, and create an attachment that most directly simulates that of your natural tooth.

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